Year 4

Senior Year and Residency Applications

Meetings with fourth-year medical students (MS4) are focused on residency applications, interview preparation, curriculum vitae (CV) and personal statement construction, and residency rankings. Year four is capped off on Match Day in March that is a highlight of the year at the Medical School. Expectations about internship (R1) year are discussed.

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Session Highlights

  • Advisors coordinate two separate evening sessions for MS4 on preparation for, and actual, mock interviews
  • MS4s engage in a workshop focused on CV and personal statement construction
  • MS4s review a Student Learning Opportunity (VSLO/VSAS) workshop (coming soon) 
  • MS4s explore video coaching and resources interviewing (coming soon) 
  • MS4s engage in an "out of hospital" simulation event
  • MS4s experience panel discussions with local program directors, clerkship directors, and recently-matched fourth years and alumni