About Us

The Career and Professional Advising Team 

The Career and Professional Advisors coordinate various events and workshops throughout the years to enhance medical students’ knowledge of the various processes (scheduling, specialty selection, residency interviews) that they will encounter. In addition, Advisors meet with their assigned medical students one on one throughout each academic year. Students are encouraged to communicate with their Career and Professional Advisor with any issues or uncertainties at any time throughout their four years; ad hoc meetings, emails, and other forms of communication are common as well.

In addition to career choice, the advising team helps students understand the need for strong skills in the competencies listed below. Student competency assessments are reviewed regularly so that a developmental intervention can be instituted if concerns arise regarding any of the above competencies. To learn more, click on each respective year in the menu tabs for additional details.

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Patient Care
  • Professionalism
  • Critical Appraisal and Quality Improvement
  • Societal Awareness and Responsiveness