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The Career and Professional Advising Team 

Career and Professional Advisors meet with their assigned medical students one-on-one each academic year. Students are encouraged to communicate with their Career and Professional Advisor any time throughout their four years via scheduled or ad hoc meetings, emails, or other forms of communication. In addition to the one-on-one approach, the advising team coordinates various events and workshops, inside and outside of curricular time and throughout each year in medical school. These events enhance students’ knowledge of the various milestones they will encounter from specialty selection to residency interviews.

In addition to career choice, the advising team helps students understand the need for strong skills in the competencies listed below. Student competency assessments are reviewed regularly so that a developmental intervention can be instituted if concerns arise. To learn more, click on each respective year in the menu tabs for additional details.

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Patient Care
  • Professionalism
  • Critical Appraisal and Quality Improvement
  • Societal Awareness and Responsiveness

Our Mission

The Career and Professional Advisors at the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix are dedicated to supporting our medical students throughout their four years in a variety of capacities that are important to their success in medical school, residency, and specialty careers. Medical students and their respective Advisors have at least two structured meetings annually. Agenda items at these meetings are specific to each of the four years. Each medical student is assigned an Advisor to work with throughout their four years. The ongoing relationship developed over the four years is a crucial component of our culture and mission.

As part of Student Affairs, Advisors work closely with the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Learning Specialists, and the Student Engagement, Registrar, and Financial Aide teams. All areas work collaboratively to facilitate our students’ journey through medical school.

Careers in Medicine

The AAMC has created a program to help guide medical students in their career planning.  This comprehensive tool provides personalized advice to help students identify their career goals, explore specialty and practice options, and make well-informed career decisions.  The University of Arizona, College of Medicine - Phoenix uses this incredible resource as the foundation for our Career Advising program.

Please click here to visit the Careers in Medicine website

Advising Timeline 

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