Year 3

Your Clinical Experience Begins

Meetings in this year address how a third-year medical student (MS3) is progressing, specialty choices, networking with a specialty mentor, Scholarly Project check, away rotations, and residency discussions. Planning of the fourth-year schedule is aimed at supporting the student’s choice of specialty career. Review of graduation requirements, mechanisms for away rotations, and Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) uploading are addressed.

Session Highlights

  • Advisors and MS3s review their 3rd year clinical rotations and calendar
  • Advisors and medical students work together to plan fourth-year schedules
  • MS3s connect with fourth-year students who have similar career interests through our Big Sibs program. These connections help inform third-year students about the upcoming application and interview process, as well as provide more information for possible away and elective rotations in the coming year. 

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