Dr. David Guttman

Career and Professional Advisor

Dr. Guttman is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine. He is a Career and Professional Advisor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix and works as a practicing Emergency Physician with Scottsdale Emergency Associates. Dr. Guttman is a longtime Arizona Wildcat, having received his undergraduate and medical school educations at the University of Arizona in Tucson. His interest in advising began in medical school as a co-author of the following paper: Guttman DA, Rosen P: Medical student’s perspective: Selecting the best emergency medicine residency program. Journal of Emergency Medicine 2005; 28:105-6. Dr. Guttman has been involved with the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix as a longitudinal CBI Facilitator. In addition, he serves the Arizona Medical and Osteopathic Boards as an Expert Medical Consultant and works with the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team to assist in providing emergency medical care during Spring Training in Scottsdale.